Reflexiones por el Cristal: An Ode to Spanish Wine and Cheese

This week on the blog, an Ode to Spanish Wine and Cheese.

Wine and cheese, the Spaniard's way

Two more formidable companions?

I could not say

Spanish affinage and phenolics pair with precision

Refreshingly devoid of all

Antagonizing French derision

With a diverse medley of type and taste

Join the vinous jubilation, with haste!

For this week’s musings, a humble tribute

To España - ¡salud!

Okay, that was painful. I absolutely loathe poetry. Enough vexing shenanigans; on with the post.

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Birthday Musings: The Great Birthday Serenade

Traditionally, I have not been a tremendous fan of celebrating my birthday. The historic lack of friends, money, and the inability to drink likely sapped whatever enjoyment might have otherwise been derived from a big birthday bash. This year, however, my circumstances appear to have taken a favorable deviation, with a planned two-part birthday celebration. Wait, two parts? The introvert anticipates a measure of mild discomfort.

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