Veritas Wine Club: The Wine and Cheese Convergence

Wine and cheese has been a celebrated culinary coupling for centuries. Pairing the duo, however, is not always an elementary assignment. With the increasing diversity of both available at your local grocery store, selection can quickly become overwhelming.  Does this Gaglioppo pair with a block of Timberdoodle?

This month’s Veritas Wine Club at Tchin Tchin Bar, located in Honolulu’s Chinatown District, sought to provide a few basic wine and cheese pairing tips, utilizing items easily found at any local market. Learn, practice, repeat.

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Special Edition: A Royal Hawaiian Mother’s Day

In a special Mother’s Day edition, we pay tribute to the love, support, and generosity unconditionally poured out by mothers everywhere. It's just what moms do, naturally and gracefully. Although we benefit on a regular basis, these gestures and sacrifices are too often met with little appreciation. But not today! On this day, we celebrate and honor you, mom, for all the ways in which you love, care and provide for us. Cheers to you!

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Birthday Musings: The Great Birthday Serenade

Traditionally, I have not been a tremendous fan of celebrating my birthday. The historic lack of friends, money, and the inability to drink likely sapped whatever enjoyment might have otherwise been derived from a big birthday bash. This year, however, my circumstances appear to have taken a favorable deviation, with a planned two-part birthday celebration. Wait, two parts? The introvert anticipates a measure of mild discomfort.

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