Musings by the Surf: Good Vibes and Great Surf at the Kailua Shorebreak Classic.

Hurricane Lane could only postpone the inevitable. The Kailua Shorebreak Classic was back in full throttle on October 20th at Kalama Beach Park. Celebrating the lives of four legendary Kailua surfers and watermen, the free amateur surf competition represents much more than showcasing some crazy talented keiki. It is a day committed to community building, environmental stewardship, and (of course) friendly competition. My previous post provides a summary of the Shorebreak Classic and its core tenets.

A brown water advisory for the day meant that … well … the keiki were not dropping in on picturesque azure blue waves. A little Dirty Water, however, would not discourage these grommets from a day of sun and surf. Brown or blue, there were waves to conquer.  

To photogenically avoid the Yoo-Hoo dilemma, I dusted off my black-and-white photography toolkit. While this is a seldom-used style for me, I hope that the images can uniquely capture the faces, emotions, and relationships of this vibrant surf culture. 

Exuding a retro surf vibe, this photo essay is best paired with a few Dick Dale classics. So crank up the tunes and enjoy some Musings by the Surf at the 14th Annual Kailua Shorebreak Classic.

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The Great Grommet Incursion is Back at the Kailua Shorebreak Classic

In Hawaii, surfing is huge. I mean, really huge. It is a vibrant community and fascinating culture. There is no better manifestation of this culture than the annual Kailua Shorebreak Classic, a free keiki (kids) surf competition held in memorial of four beloved surfers and watermen. The event is always awash with camaraderie, adventure, and spirit.

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, the Shorebreak Classic is back. Grommets of all sizes will descend upon Kalama Beach Park in Kailua for the competition's fourteenth year. Time to get your surf on. 

In anticipation of the event, I explore the Shorebreak Classic, it’s wonderful community, and the ocean that brings it together. Get caught up in this amazing story, and then experience it for yourself next Saturday!

See you on the beach.

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Visual Musings: A Photo Essay of Haleakalā, the House of the Sun

In my inaugural Visual Musings, A Cambodian Retrospective, I explained how images can often convey emotion and invite reflection in ways that words cannot. Looking through the lens should always result in seeing life with greater clarity, and helping others to do the same. With that motive, Visual Musings was devised to offer themed photo essays of place, purpose or narrative. 

In this installment, nature is in the spotlight as I offer a few images of the breathtaking summit of Haleakalā, a dormant volcano on the Island of Maui. Steeped in ancient geological history and Hawaiian culture, it is a rich, dynamic and compelling world ten thousand feet above our own. May Haleakalā inspire you to enjoy and experience the wonder of our natural world and reflect on its power, beauty and mystery. 

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The Pineapple-Kiwi Combination: Maui Food and Wine Festival Plays Host to Mt. Beautiful Winery

A pineapple-kiwi convergence may sound like the commencement of a smoothie expedition. In this post, however, it is a far more delightful (and a touch inebriating) sojourn to the shores of Maui with one of New Zealand’s great wineries. A tropical vinous adventure packed with sunshine, wine and, most assuredly, a modicum of frivolity. 

Okay, I admit, this post isn’t entirely new. I would characterize it more as an amended and restated post -- new and improved! -- from an earlier bargain Pinot Noir featuring Mt. Beautiful Winery. That post is no longer active so I was patiently perusing other opportunities to revisit this tremendous winery and recommend a few tasty food pairings for its wines that are available locally in Honolulu. I discovered the perfect occasion in the Winery’s event travel itinerary...

The Kiwis are coming, the Kiwis are coming! The Island of Maui plays host to Mt. Beautiful Winery, among other notable vineyards, at the Kapalua Food and Wine Festival on June 7-10. A chance to highlight one of my favorite New Zealand wineries and a Maui food and wine festival all in one post? I will cheerfully take that deal.

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