Old World vs New World: The Vinous Deductive Challenge, Revisited

Last week, I provided a rudimentary Guide to Blind Wine Tasting. Taste, hypothesize, repeat. This newfound knowledge was immediately put to the test in a blind wine tasting event for the Friends of Italy Society of Hawaii. Italians unrelentingly boast of their wines as unsurpassed anywhere in the world. They are confident, but are they correct? Time to determine whether they can blindly discern the difference in a crowded and diverse lineup. Challenge presented ...

The event commenced with a few elementary tasting tips, followed by a blind tasting of six wines - three Old World Italian and three New World. Those New World newbies couldn’t possibly keep pace with the refined, elegant wines of Italy. Could they? The patrons, as laudable arbitrators, held the final verdict. Would their vinous paesani blindly prevail?

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The Vinous Deduction Theorem: A Guide to Blind Wine Tasting

This week I take to the road to facilitate a blind wine tasting event for the Friends of Italy Society of Hawaii. The Italians need their vino. Mobile Musings is on the job.

Deductive tasting is wholly dependent on the senses. A systematic approach is useful to refine those senses and translate observations to accurate wine conclusions. This post provides a few tips to get you started on your journey of vinous cogitations. Remember, there is no “correct” approach; fashion a system that is effective for you. Taste, hypothesize, repeat. Andiamo!

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