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I am an attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii with Chang Iwamasa LLP, specializing in corporate formation and governance, finance, and real estate transactional matters.  This website is none of those things.  Intentionally. 

For me, food, wine, and travel are preferred avenues to explore the world around me.  Naturally introverted, I utilize food and wine as a motivation to get out into the community and interact with others.  I even talk to strangers (shocking).  The world is a fascinating place, full of fascinating people, extraordinary wine, and wonderfully diverse cuisines. Great stories surround us. My blogging journey is an attempt to capture just a few.

And, in the end, it might even make me a better lawyer, too.

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Sample Policy

The vast majority of wines reviewed on Musings by the Glass are purchased by me personally. I do not solicit samples. I do, however, accept wine for review and potential features on the blog and in social media.

What you can expect. If you send wine, I will taste it, and tell you what I think of it, and why. If I like the wine, and it is priced appropriately, I may feature it in a Bargain Wine post. If I love the wine, the story of your winery, or another intriguing narrative, I may feature the wine and/or winery in an extended Musings post. I cannot guarantee that all samples will be posted on the blog or social media, nor can I estimate a time frame for review. I write honest reviews in a narrative style. I do not write negative reviews; no one cares to hear about wines they should not buy.

To comply with FTC regulations, I will also note in the review that the wine was received as a sample.

If you would like to submit a wine for review, please contact me, and I will provide shipping details.


Like what you see? I'd love to work with you! I am available for collaboration, advertising, sponsorship, and freelance photography and/or writing services. Contact me here for more information. Cheers!

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