Musings by the Glass - Portrait of a Wine Blogger

Seth T. Buckley

I am a business and law guru with my company, Candela Law Group, where I focus on helping local businesses and non-profit organizations to thrive in a dynamic, complex, and competitive world. 

But for me, photography, food, and tasty beverages are preferred avenues to explore the world around me.  Naturally introverted, I utilize photography and food as a motivation to get out into the community and interact with others.  I even talk to strangers (shocking).  There are stories on every corner, in every alley, at every food stall.  The world is a fascinating place, full of wonderful people, extraordinary cultures/traditions, and delightfully diverse cuisines. Great stories surround us. My blogging journey is an attempt to capture just a few.

BUT I do much more than just food and wine! To view my landscape photography and photojournalism adventures, visit


Like what you see? I'd love to work with you! I am available worldwide for freelance photography, editorial and writing assignments. Contact me here for more information. Cheers!

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