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So, Why the Musings?

Wine is fascinating. It is global and extraordinarily diverse.  It is scientific and complex.  It invites community and shapes culture. There is always more to learn, more to experience, more to share.

Wine affords a boundless array of musings that satisfy our intellectual tendencies. This is good; I am quite wonkish. I am always methodically researching the complexities of terroir (yes, I love rocks), viniculture and viticulture. I am digesting tomes of world history to appraise wine’s historical influence on civilization. I am exploring the cultures and traditions borne out of vinous origins. In other words, I geek out. A lot. And if I am going to be a geek, I find it a best practice to geek out on wine. This blog provides an opportunity to share my oenological musings with an interested and passionate readership. Let’s explore and learn together!

Wine also engages us with the community. Here in the Pacific Rim, we have a rich and deeply-rooted food culture. There are tremendously talented chefs, sommeliers, and restaurateurs that make this region unique, vibrant and delicious. Musings by the Glass is an endeavor to promote the cultures and cuisines of the Pacific Rim, and the people in them; to hear their stories, to learn from them, to promote them. In short, to journey alongside them in food and wine. For readers, I hope to allow you to experience, and be enriched by, the wonderful community and culture of the Asia-Pacific, even from afar. Along the way, I hope to offer practical wine pairing tips for the diverse, exotic, and extraordinarily flavorful cuisines found here.

Oh, right, wine is also delightful. It makes food even more delicious. It livens conversation and makes old curmudgeons (almost) tolerable. It is memorable. You can still taste that first Bordeaux. You can still replay in your mind that scene from yesteryear when you sipped Pinot Noir on a warm autumn morning overlooking the vineyards. You can taste the wine; you can feel the sun’s warmth; you can visualize the vineyard. Wine creates lasting moments. Musings by the Glass is an attempt to document just a few.

Seth T. Buckley

I am an attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii with Chang Iwamasa LLP, specializing in corporate formation and governance, finance, and real estate transactional matters.  This website is none of those things.  Intentionally. 

For me, food, wine, and travel are preferred avenues to explore the world around me.  Naturally introverted, I utilize food and wine as a motivation to get out into the community and interact with others.  I even talk to strangers (shocking).  The world is a fascinating place, full of fascinating people, extraordinary wine, and wonderfully diverse cuisines. Great stories surround us. My blogging journey is an attempt to capture just a few.

And, in the end, it might even make me a better lawyer, too.

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